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Confidence is directly proportional to preparation in meetings

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Self-confidence is an emotion which makes one believe in one’s talents, powers, and abilities.

Whereas, preparation is something that you do to make yourself ready for performing an act.

Whether you are meeting a friend, family member, colleague or an investor, you will feel more confident when you are well prepared. Be it any interview, informal or investor meeting, being well prepared shows that you are not only hardworking but that you also respect the other person’s time. Your preparedness directly shows how much you care about your audience or your group.

Preparation just doesn’t mean that you know your points. It also means that you are prepared to listen to others, take their suggestions, showcase your body language, have eye contact, and make everyone feel your presence.

Even a slight increase in confidence requires hours and hours of preparation. The confidence level of successful athletes, businessmen, and politicians become a significant factor in determining their success in life and for that extra edge, they do prepare for hours.

The impact your confident self can have on others will enhance your personal brand and image in a huge way. For example, your confidence level in your interview will be determined by how many hours you have given to preparing your answers, clothes, logistics to reach there on time, resume and body language (in terms of being alert and fresh) for the D-day. All of these will have a great impression on the interviewer.

‘One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation’ – Unknown

How you perform on the final day is one thing but how to prepare yourself for it every day carries more weight because that is what makes you a more competent, able and talented person. And this weight piles up each day and makes you outperform on the final day of your performance.

What separates a winner from a loser is the number of hours that both give to prepare themselves. The harder you try, the more prepared you become. The more prepared you become, the more competent you become. Lastly the more competent you become, the more confident you become.

Therefore, go prepared, emerge out as a confident self, deliver the best and make a mark in all the meetings you attend.

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