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Becoming a Giver Precedes Becoming an Influencer

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

When it comes to getting things done by others, influence does serve as an important ingredient. What people don't easily forget is the influence you have on them after meeting or talking to me.

People such as Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther all have been influencers in great ways. They are influencers because they have altered people's way of thinking, opinions or buying decisions. People trust their suggestions, ways of living, opinions, and recommendations.

Attaining the power to influence others can surely pave your path to success. However, influence is something that can't be bought nor sold in the market.

How to Attain the Power of Influence

However there is one way where you can create the influence you want to have on people and that is by creating value for others around. When you start creating value and working towards improving the quality of life of others, people start feeling your presence. If you do this, sooner your influence will drive things for you and even in your absence; you will be missed. There is a wonderful quote which says don't fight for making your presence felt but strives for making people feel your absence.

Everyone wants to feel valued and important but not many people are able to do that for others and that is what makes influencers different from others.

I was going through the list of world's most influential power which included people such as Palmer Luckey, Inventor, Oculus Rift, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, and Deepak Chopra, Spiritual Guru and saw that not one person is there on the list who does not contribute towards improving the lives of others.

Characteristics of True Influencers

- They always feel that they have a responsibility towards their followers

- They don't brag about themselves but show others a better path to walk upon

- They value others and never use them for their own advantage

- They earn the respect by being able to create value for others

- They don't criticize or complain, instead appreciate and motivate people

- True influencers show their impact without being sales-oriented

The Book 'How to win friends and influence people'

One of the most popular books on this topic by Dale Carnegie is 'How to win friends and influence people'. Accordingly to the book, the most important things that a person needs to do to become an influencer are:

- Show that you are interested in other's betterment

- Remember other people's names

- Listen to them and make them feel important

However, all of this revolves around the contribution that you must make in other people's lives. Once you develop the attitude of a giver, it is from there that you start building up your influence. Almost everyone wants to become a great influencer. However, this attitude is no doubt hard to develop because people do understand if you don't have a real intention of serving them.

When you really work towards making other's lives better, even by taking small steps such as meeting with a smile, being courteous and appreciative, etc., you will see how your influence is remembered even after you leave this world.

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