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10 ways To Become Successful In 2023

Some may find the phrase "new year, new me" outdated. However, the beginning of the year may be a perfect opportunity for us to reflect on what worked well and what didn't in 2022, consider a reset in key areas of their lives, and select what they want to focus on improving.

Whether you need a thorough reset or just want to keep the momentum going, the time after the holidays could be ideal for starting a new practice, breaking an unhealthy habit, picking up a new interest, revamping your daily routine, or making any number of other life-enhancing adjustments.

You can set yourself up for a successful start to 2023 by doing these 10 things now.

1. Start writing your specific goals: People with goals are 10x more successful than those without them. It's best to narrow your focus to two or three precise goals you wish to attain this year. Don't create unrealistic goals for yourself; instead, set goals that are achievable within the year. People who write down their goals are 3x more successful in life.

2. Do not tell people what your goals are: When we tell people our goals, it tricks brains into believing that we have already achieved them, thereby lowering motivation. Successful people always move in silence.

3. Once a week, do something alone, be it dinner, or a long walk. People who spend time in solitude are powerful. If you are not comfortable being alone, you will never be comfortable leaving toxic relationships.

4. Prepare for your day the night before. Doing this prepares your subconscious for the day ahead and helps you plan and accomplish your to-do list.

5. Your freedom begins the day you realize nobody is thinking about you. We always think people are paying attention to what we do and think but the trust is they don’t.

6. Whenever you feel low, listen to some music. Music is a great mood enhancer and almost everything is more enjoyable with music.

7. Do not check your phone when you wake up: There is so much research around that not checking your phone first thing in the morning sets you up for your day letting you focus on yourself rather than others.

8. Organize your day using a 3:3:3 plan. 3 hours on your most important task, 3 shorter tasks, and 3 maintenance activities.

9. Keep your time productive. Find your most productive time of the day, it can be morning for some, during the afternoon, or the night for others. This is the time when your energy levels are at their peak. Block this time for your high-priority tasks. When you master time management, you'll realize that not all tasks are created equal. Busy people take on everything and give their time, knowledge, and attention to everyone, leaving them exhausted and questioning what they've accomplished. Productive people create boundaries and manage their time, considering it as the most valuable commodity.

10. Make ‘no’ your default. Saying yes to non-priorities ruins your priorities. However, say yes to growth opportunities since it exposes you to new challenges and opportunities, welcome teamwork, empower and affirms others, and fosters an environment in which it is safe to try, fail, learn, and innovate.

Get over your limitations and take action right now. These small behavior changes can have a big impact over time by shaking up old routines and methods.

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