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Mastering the Stage: 4 Powerful Pre-Performance Rituals to Overcome Stage Fear

Stage fear, also known as performance anxiety, is a common phenomenon experienced by many individuals. But with the right strategies and support, individuals can overcome it and perform at their best. Remember, the goal isn't to eliminate anxiety but to manage it effectively.

A recent study by the University of Minnesota found that a significant 85% of a performer's success depends on what they do before they go on stage.

Hi Everyone! I'm Shagun, a certified communicator and speaker, and in this blog, we'll discuss four powerful actions that every performer or speaker should take before they go on stage.

  • Doing a Power Pose:

A power pose is a posture that is open, expansive, and space-occupying. Examples include standing with hands on hips (like Superman or Wonder Woman), leaning back in a chair with hands behind the head, or standing with arms outstretched. A 2010 study found that holding a power pose could increase testosterone (a hormone associated with dominance and confidence) and decrease cortisol (a stress hormone). Regardless of the hormonal effects, many people report feeling more confident and empowered after adopting a power pose. This psychological boost can help counteract feelings of nervousness or insecurity.

  • Deep Breathing:

This is one technique I adopted when I was going to give my TEDx Talk. This technique involves drawing breath deeply into the lungs by engaging the diaphragm. This method of breathing has been shown to have various physiological and psychological benefits, especially in managing stress and anxiety, such as stage fear. Deep breathing can help reduce the production of cortisol, thereby decreasing feelings of stress and anxiety. By promoting relaxation, deep breathing can help lower an elevated heart rate and reduce high blood pressure, common physiological responses to anxiety. Deep breathing ensures that more oxygen reaches the brain and other vital organs. This increased oxygen supply can help improve focus, clarity, and overall cognitive function.

  • Listen to Music that Inspires You:

Another important step before going on stage is to listen to music that uplifts your mood and gets you in the right mindset. Research from the University of Missouri showed that listening to music you love can make you feel happier and more motivated because it triggers the release of dopamine, a chemical in your brain associated with pleasure. Take the example of the famous performer Beyoncé. Before her shows, she listens to a playlist of empowering songs that resonate with her, helping her feel the energetic vibe that we all enjoy seeing on stage.

  • The Power of Visualization:

Lastly, use the incredible power of visualization. Many studies have shown that visualizing or imagining yourself performing well can help. The Journal of Applied Sport Psychology published a study that found athletes who regularly practiced visualization techniques showed significant improvements in their actual performance. Imagine yourself being confident and performing your best on stage. Picture every detail, from your movements to the audience's positive reaction. By doing this, you prepare your mind to overcome any stage fright and perform with confidence and charm.

Remember, success on stage isn't just about talent; it's also about preparation and your mindset. So, before you step into the spotlight, don't forget to warm up your voice, listen to inspiring music, and use the power of visualization. These four simple yet effective actions will definitely boost your performance and leave a strong impression on your audience.

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in the next blog post!

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